Sunday, 19 August 2007

Catch the Stick

Each player has a stick. Players form a circle leaving about five paces between each other. Each person holds her stick in front, keeping it upright with one end on the ground.
When the leader calls out "Change" each person lets go of her stick and reaches to catch the stick of the person to her right before it falls to the ground. If the stick falls. the person who should have caught it is out. The game is over when only one person is left.

Now for my variations: Only one stick is used, the girls all have a number and stand in a circle with the person in the middle with a stick. The person in the middle calls a number and that person has to catch the stick the person who called the number then takes her position and her number. If the stick is dropped that person calling the numbers remains in the middle.

Original Source: Wendy Baker, Canada

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