Sunday, 1 July 2007

Another New Blog is Born

About 10 years ago , my husband - the Geek - convinced me that a better way to store all my Guding games, crafts and ideas would be in a database on the computer. He thought that there would be a couple of hundred entries and that would have me sorted but several thousand entries were added before he would wonder at the size of the beast.

He was sort of right - the database is a good way to store the vast amount of stuff - I can search and find activities on many different topics easily rather than rifling through mountains of papers but it is not so easy to take to trainings or to share with others.

So the Geek came up with another plan - create a blog and post ideas each week that others can access and so "Guiding Stuff" was born. I am hoping to add pasts weekly but we all know what life is like so please forgive me now if I am not keeping to the schedule. If you are anything like me though only getting new ideas once a week may not be enough ........

Feel free to leave me a comment, request a game/song/ craft idea or send me ideas to include.

I also appologise now if you see one of my activities posted and you know that I have not acknowledged the correct source - when all this started 10 years ago I was a bit slap dash about recording the original source and now, while I am heaps better, sometimes you just do not know where it came from. If you see something that has not been properly acknowledged then drop me a line and I will fix it up.

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Nuttykiwi said...

This looks like a great idea. Well done.