Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Mexican Camphat Blanket

AgeGroups: Pippins/Brownies/Guides

We had a Special Spark Day, with an international theme last January. One of the crafts the girls did was to make a Mexican camphat blanket. You know those woven Mexican serape type blankets that are available. Those really colourful ones with the fringes.

Well, here is our camphat rendition.

1. Cut out some pieces of felt, 3 inches, by 5 inches, any old color will do. Fray the ends by just snipping the long ends in about a half inch each.
2. Pre cut a huge batch of very bright colourful yarns to the exact length of your felt blanket strip, minus the frayed edge ends - probably 4 inches long would be good.

Give the girls each a felt 3 x 5 piece of felt with frayed ends. Give each girl a film canister of white glue and a Popsicle stick. Let her choose the colours of wool pieces she'd like to use (give them lots of choice and many bright solid colours)

Let them go wild with the gluing on of the yarn strips. Have them glue the strips very tightly together along the length of the blanket.

Some girls just make a hodge podge of colour, others choose to have coordinated colour coded patterns. Whatever they choose, they are all beautiful when the glue dries.

Supply with a gold pin to pin it to their hats.

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