Tuesday, 3 July 2007

International Shopping

Original Source: Doris Cavallin, Ottawa
AgeGroups: Brownies/Guides
Character: Active International

To play: The players are in patrols, gouped in various parts of the room.

The game leader has a list of items that could be bought in a store.

One person from each patrol, the "shopper" comes to the leader.

All are given the same items (whisper so the rest can't hear).

They return to their patrol which is the "shop" and act out what they want to buy, because the "shopkeepers" don't understand English.

The first patrol to guess correctly wins, and new "shoppers" go to the game leader.

Try these items: umbrella, pound of butter, jar of honey, wedding ring, bikini, ballet shoes, pencil sharpeners, bicycle pump, automobile tire, nosedrops.

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