Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Great Canadian Snowshoe Race

Original Source: Sparkle '88 at Doe Lake courtisy of the International Games session

Equipment - one thing to go around for each team, newspaper sheets ripped into quarters (about 40cmx60cm?) (one pair for each team plus a few extras)

Its a relay game.
Divide group into even teams (about 5 kids per team but its flexible).
Give the first person on each team a set of snowshoes (2 pieces of paper).
They put the snoeshoes on the ground and stand on them. On "GO" they shuffle to the other end of the area, around the thing and back to the team.
If a snowshoe is lost then they have to shuffle back to it and if it becomes ripped they have to go to the "store" - one leader has extra snowshoes and is standing relatively equal distance from each team,- and they must start their turn again. The winner is the team who finishes first with snowshoes in "good" shape (ie no rips or tears or only small ones).

It should be noted that sock feet don't work very well with this game.

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