Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Angel

Original Source: Jane Maddin, 1st Orleans Pathfinders, Orleans, Ontario, Canada

Ecru or white crochet cotton
A small ribbon rose
15 inches of Pearls on a string.
12 inches of narrow ribbon
a small round stiffened doily

(I used a 6 inch Battenburg lace doily, which I stiffened with fabric stiffener the day before and folded in half, and let dry overnight.)
And a lo-melt glue gun

Make a tassle for the body of the angel with the crochet cotton by wrapping the cotton around one hand. (How to make a tassle - One hundred and twenty five wraps made a nice tassle about 4 inches long, on my hand. Tie a piece of crochet cotton about 6 inches long through the loops [this will also be your hanger, so knot it at the top], fold the loops down and tie a second piece about 6 inches long, around the whole thing about one half an inch below the crochet cotton that you tied first. Cut through all the loops at the bottom of the tassle.)

With your fingers smooth out the strings of your tassle. Decide which will be the front and back. The half inch area at the top is her head! Take one and one half inches of beads off the 15 inches that you had to start - you will make her halo with this!
Fold the ribbon in half. Fold the long string of beads in half. Glue the ribbon and the beads together in the center and glue them on to her chest. Take a few strands from the right and left sides of the tassle to be arms. Cut them shorter so that they are the right length. You might want to tie a small piece of cotton around her 'wrists' but you don't really have to. Glue her hands onto the fold in the ribbon and beads - against her chest and then glue the ribbon flower onto of them.

Take the short piece of beads, shape it into a ring and glue it onto the back of her head to be the halo. Don't glue your hanger into the halo!! You may find it easier to glue one end down, wait for it to dry a bit (only a couple of seconds) and then twist the other end around and glue it down.
Glue the stiffened doily onto her back, again being careful not to catch the hanger in the glue.

The instructions look a little tricky, but really this is a very simple craft!

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