Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Games

Original Source: Tiger, Quebec City, Canada

Wrap a present - Again, in relay fashion, each team has a table with a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, bow and tape. The amount of supplies will depend on the number of players in each team. The idea is to rush up to the table and wrap the box with a layer of paper. The final few players will add ribbon, add a bow, and perhaps a gift tag. You can make this whole idea more interesting by everyone having to wear oven mitts or thick gloves. Small groups can go twice, and maybe with your larger groups the last person has to done some sort of costume and deliver the parcel.
Imagination runs free.......

Another activity that involves everyone is another off-shoot from musical chairs. A large garbage bag is passed from hand to hand and when the music stops, the person left holding the bag removes an article of clothing or decoration from the bag and "puts it on". Play continues til everyone has something to wear and the bag is empty. Make sure and take a group photo for this one! (WARNING: Head lice alert for those caps and hats included in the bag)

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